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Pronunciation: (NAT-uh-MY-sin)Class: Ophthalmic antifungal

Trade Names:Natacyn- Suspension 5%


Binds to fungal cell membrane, altering membrane permeability and depleting essential cellular constituents.

Indications and Usage

Treatment of fungal blepharitis, conjunctivitis and keratitis caused by susceptible organisms.


Standard considerations.

Dosage and Administration


Ophthalmic 1 gtt in conjunctival sac every 1 to 2 h initially; after 3 to 4 days, frequency of instillation usually reduced to 1 gtt 6 to 8 times/day. Continue for 14 to 21 days or until there is resolution of active fungal keratitis.

Drug Interactions

None well documented.

Laboratory Test Interactions

None well documented.

Adverse Reactions


Conjunctival chemosis; hyperemia.



Category C .




Safety and efficacy not established.


Continue medication for 14 to 21 days or until active fungal keratitis has resolved, to avoid recurrence.

Patient Information

  • Review proper method of instillation of medication. Instruct patient to clean excessive exudate before instilling drops and to apply light pressure to lacrimal sac for 1 min after drops are instilled.
  • Emphasize importance of thorough handwashing before and after instillation and the need to avoid touching of the eye or allowing dropper to touch eye, lids, or other surfaces, to prevent spread of infection to unaffected eye or others.
  • Warn patient to avoid scratching, rubbing, or touching eyes.
  • Instruct patient to consult health care provider before applying medication while wearing contact lenses.
  • Advise patient to notify health care provider if there is no improvement in 7 to 10 days.
  • Instruct patient to report conjunctivitis (ie, pain, itching, changes in vision and sense of foreign body in eye) to the health care provider.

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