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Herbs & Supplements «Rosemary Herb and Oil Benefits»

Rosemary (rosmarinus) is a Latin term meaning sea dew. It is a small evergreen shrub found growing in Portugal, Mediterranean areas, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, and France. Today it can also be found growing in many regions of North America as well. It is a woody-like plant with rigid branches and a fissured bark. The leaves are needle-like and dark green. It has flowers of a pale blue that contain volatile oil. It thrives best in dry, warm soil with lots of light. The leaf of the plant is used medicinally.

Rosemary is used in connection with digestive problems, circulatory problems, pain, neuralgia, mild spasms, wounds, eczema, muscle pain, sciatica, rheumatism and depression as well as parasites.

As an herbal medicine it may improve memory, relieve muscle pain, and stimulate the circulatory and nervous systems. Topically, rosemary can assist in relieving wounds.

It is used as an antispasmodic and diuretic to increasing urine production and can stimulate menstrual blood flow.

It may be used with St. John's wart and ginkgo to improve cognitive impairment, visual and speech difficulties associated with brain inflammation.


Use as directed by a health care provider. Follow manufacturers dosage guidelines.

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