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Herbs & Supplements «California Poppy Information and Facts»

The California poppy is a flowering plant native to California, but is also found in many regions of central Europe and southern France. The California poppy is most commonly known for its use as a sedative and for its antispasmodic properties; however, unlike its cousin the red poppy, the California poppy is not addictive. The chemical compounds in the California poppy that produce its favorable effects in the body include isoquinoline alkaloids and cyanogenic glycosides.

Benefits and Uses

The California poppy is most commonly used to relieve toothaches by cutting the root and applying the juices directly. As a tea, the California poppy is used for headaches, anxiety, and sleeplessness. California poppy also appears to be useful for mild cases of colic, sleeplessness, tension, and anxiety in children.

Dosage and Administration

Although not usually prescribed by doctors, California poppy seed does appear to be a common component of many sedation preparations. Using 2 gm. of herb per 150 ml. of water, a California poppy tea can be prepared and taken as a warm drink.

Side Effects and Cautions

We don't know of any side effects or health risks following usage based on normal intake levels. When used as a sedative California poppy supplement should not be prepared with any substance that can compound the effects of sedation (i.e. sleeping pills, etc.)

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