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Definition of «Air travel with diabetes»

Air travel with diabetes

Air travel with diabetes: A concern for patients with diabetes is flying with medications and supplies. Letters from doctors are not recommended since security has concerns that these may be easily forged.

The currently recommended way to fly with medications and equipment, such as insulin, syringes, lancets and glucagon is to travel with all medications and supplies that have the original pharmacy label on them. If your medication is lacking such a label, you can call your pharmacy and see if they will print out a new one for you. You can also call your doctor's office to ask if they can call in a recent prescription for you that will have the label on it.

For patients with insulin pumps, there seems to be no problem so far provided that security personnel is shown in detail the plunger, tubing, etc. The companies that provide the pumps (Minimed, etc.) have a 1-800 line for further information.

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