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Definition of «Auricle»

Auricle: 1. The principal projecting part of the ear. Also called the pinna.
2. Something ear shaped such as the upper chambers of the heart. Also called the atria.
Auricle is not to be confounded with oracle. Neither the pinna nor the atria possess oracular powers.

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    Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary ( ôr ' ĭ-kəl ) n. Anatomy . The outer projecting portion of the ear. Also called pinna . See atrium (sense 2). Biology ...

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    noun 1. Anatomy . a. the projecting outer portion of the ear; pinna. b. Also called auricular appendage. an ear-shaped appendage projecting from each atrium of the ...

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    auricle /au·ri·cle/ (aw´rĭ-k'l) 1. pinna; the flap of the ear. 2. the ear-shaped appendage of either atrium of the heart. 3. formerly, the atrium of the heart.

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    auricle (ear), in human anatomy, the visible portion of the external ear, and the point of difference between the human ear and that of other mammals. The auricle in ...

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