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Definition of «Behcet's syndrome»

Behcet's syndrome: A chronic inflammatory disorder involving the small blood vessels which is characterized by a classic triad of features: ulcers in the mouth, ulcers of the genitalia, and inflammation of the eye (uveitis). The mouth and genital ulcers recur in crops and are painful. The mouth ulcers appear on the inner lining of the mouth, the gums, and tongue. The genital ulcers occur on the scrotum and penis of males and vulva of women and can leave scars. Arthritis is commonplace with Behcet's syndrome, as is involvement of the gastrointestinal system and central nervous system. The cause of Behcet's syndrome is not known. It is more frequent and severe in patients from the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia than those of European descent. Treatment for Behcet's disease is symptomatic and supportive. Medication may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and suppress the immune system.

Named for the Turkish dermatologist Halushi Behcet (1889-1948). Also known as Silk Road disease.

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