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Definition of «BIID»

BIID: Body integrity identity disorder.

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  • Biid.org

    Body Integrity Identity Disorder, or BIID, is a psychological condition in which the individual requests an elective amputation. Individuals with this condition ...

  • Main Page - BIID-Info.org

    The best source of information about BIID - Body Integrity Identity Disorder

  • BIID: Why Sufferers Amputate Their Own Limbs - Newsweek

    "Josh" says he was fully prepared when he amputated his left hand with a power tool. He says he had tried to cut it off before—once putting it underneath a truck ...

  • BIID - Body Integrity Identity Disorder | Basics

    Body Integrity Identity Disorder has been known by many different names over the years. This disorder has been known as "Apotemnophilia" and Amputee Identity Disorder.

  • transabled.org » Blogging about BIID

    By way of an introduction. Transabled.org is an outlet for those of us who are transabled. The main focus is strongly on my thoughts about being transabled, wheelchairs ...

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