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Definition of «Bones, axial»

Bones, axialBones, axialBones, axialBones, axial

Bones, axial: There are 80 axial bones, comprised of 29 bones in the head and 51 bones in the trunk.

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    Axial Skeleton (80 bones) Skull (28) Cranium (8) Frontal bone (1) – forms forehead and superior surface of orbits Parietal bones (2) – found on both sides of the skull ...

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    a) What other functions do the bones of the axial skeleton perform. 3. The skull a) What are the two groups of skull bones i) Be able to name and describe the 8 cranial bones.

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    The Cranium. The cranium consists of eight flat bones which are rigidly attached to each other with dentate sutures (joints with teeth-like protrusions).

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    Axial bones are part of your skeletal system. Learn what axial bones are and their function in the human body.

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    CHAPTER OBJECTIVES: When you have completed this chapter you should be able to: Name and identify all the bones of the axial skeleton. Describe the major landmarks of the ...

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