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Definition of «Brachy-»


Brachy-: Short. From the Greek brachys meaning short.

The prefix "brachy-" appears in a number of medical terms including brachycephaly, brachydactyly, and brachytherapy:

  • Brachycephaly is a short head, one that is short in diameter from front to back.
  • Brachydactyly means short, stubby fingers and toes. Brachdactyly is a frequent feature of syndromes of congenital malformation (constellations of birth defects) including Down syndrome (trisomy 21).
  • Brachytherapy is radiation treatment given by placing radioactive material directly in or near the target, which is often a tumor. The opposite of brachytherapy is teletherapy, treatment in which the radiation source is at a distance from the target.

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