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Definition of «Brachytherapy, coronary artery»

Brachytherapy, coronary arteryBrachytherapy, coronary artery

Brachytherapy, coronary artery Local radiation treatment within an artery to the heart. Coronary artery brachytherapy has been used to reduce the recurrence of blockage (obstruction) of a coronary artery after successful treatment of a blockage of a stent. A stent is a tubular structure that is implanted inside of a coronary artery to keep it open, thereby preventing a heart attack.

The radiation from coronary artery brachytherapy is believed to prevent cells from reproducing to cause blockage of the blood vessel (coronary artery).

Recurrent blockage after placement of a coronary artery stent has been reported to occur in 20 to 30 percent of patients.

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