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Definition of «Cancer, ovarian»

Cancer, ovarian

Cancer, ovarian: Cancer of the ovary, the egg sac of females. The anatomic location of the ovaries: Most ovarian growths (tumors) in women under age 30 are benign, fluid- filled cysts. These cysts are not cancerous.

There are several types of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer that begins on the surface of the ovary (epithelial carcinoma) is the most common type. Women who have a family history of ovarian cancer are at an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. Hereditary ovarian cancer makes up approximately 5 to 10% of all cases of ovarian cancer. Three hereditary patterns have been identified: ovarian cancer alone, ovarian and breast cancers, and ovarian and colon cancers. Ovarian cancer is hard to detect early because there usually are no symptoms and those symptoms that do occur tend to be vague. Detection of ovarian cancer involves physical examination (including pelvic exam), ultrasound, x-ray tests,CA-125 blood test and biopsy of the ovary.

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