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Definition of «Charles Darwin»

Charles DarwinCharles DarwinCharles DarwinCharles Darwin

Charles Darwin: See: Darwin, Charles.

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    The life and times of Charles Darwin. Includes an illustrated Beagle Voyage, Darwin chronology, biographical information, and a full listing of Darwin related ...

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    Born: 12 February 1809 Birthplace: Shrewsbury, England Died: 19 April 1882 (heart attack) Best Known As: The naturalist who came up with the theory of evolution ...

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    A lonely island in the middle of the South Atlantic conceals Charles Darwin's best-kept secret. Two hundred years ago, Ascension Island was a barren volcanic edifice.

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    Darwin is the first of the evolutionary biologists, the originator of the concept of natural selection. His principal works, The Origin of Species by Means of ...

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    A single site for all of Darwin's published and unpublished writings including a major catalogue of his every publication and manuscript in the world. Fully searchable.

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