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Definition of «Corneal topography»

Corneal topographyCorneal topographyCorneal topographyCorneal topography

Corneal topography: Also known as videokeratography or corneal mapping, corneal topography is a method of computer-assisted examination of the cornea, the clear front portion of the eye that transmits and focuses light into the eye. Corneal topography is performed by projecting illuminated rings onto the corneal surface which are reflected back and measured by the instrument. The test results in the generation of a topographical map of the cornea.

Corneal topography is used to identify the curvature of the cornea and to identify distortions (such as keratoconus) or scarring of the cornea. It is also used as an aid in fitting contact lenses and in the evaluation of patients undergoing LASIK and other surgeries.

Corneal topography is a rapid, painless test that is performed in the doctor's office.

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