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Definition of «Cryo-EM»


Cryo-EM: Cryo-electron microscopy.

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  • Nogales Lab - Cryo-EM

    Cryo-electron Microscopy (cryo-em) of macromolecular assemblies. Tubulin, XKCM1, transcription factors, TFIID, ARC, CRSP, chromatin remodeling. From UC-Berkeley.

  • SCSB CryoEM

    The SCSB Cryo EM laboratory (Cryo EM Core), located on the first floor of the Medical Research Building, has laboratory space featuring a BSL-3 room for viral and ...

  • NYSBC|Welcome to Cryo-electron microscopy at the New York ...

    Click Here for more about these applications and the cryo-EM facilities at the NYSBC. Click Here to read a primer about how to get started with your own cryoEM project.

  • Electron Microscopy: Cryo Electron Microscopy

    Also covered are other considerations that must be kept in mind when deciding whether to use cryo EM. Imaging The Sample & Taking Pictures. While taking a picture of a ...

  • CryoEM | Electron Imaging Center for Nanomachines

    What is CryoEM? Cryo-electron microscopy (also known as electron cryomicroscopy or cryoEM) is the method our lab uses to "take photographs" of viruses and other ...

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