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Definition of «Dyspraxia»

Dyspraxia: Impaired or painful function of any organ of the body.

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    Welcome to the new Dyspraxia Foundation USA website. The transformation of the Foundation’s logo, look and website reflect a renewed and energetic sense of purpose.

  • What Is Dyspraxia?

    Dyspraxia is a term that refers to a specific disorder in the area of motor skill development. People with dyspraxia have difficulty planning and completing intended fine ...

  • What Is Dyspraxia? How Is Dyspraxia Treated?

    A person with dyspraxia has problems with movement and coordination. It is also known as motor learning disability. Somebody with dyspraxia finds it hard to carry out ...

  • dyspraxia: Definition from Answers.com

    n. The impairment or painful functioning of an organ.

  • Dyspraxia Foundation

    Supports individuals and families affected by developmental dyspraxia through books, suggestions, a teen newsletter, and an adult support group.

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