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Definition of «Fat, brown»

Fat, brown: See: Brown fat.

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    Everyone is familiar with white adipose or fat tissue, which provides insulation and, by storing triglyceride, serves as an energy depot. Many mammals also have brown ...

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    April 8, 2009 -- By activating the brown fat in your body, you could lose 9 pounds or more of bad white fat every year -- without having to eat less or ...

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    brown fat, brown fat will provide you huge information about how to loss your extra fat, brown fat

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    Bacon. Brown Sugar. Cream Cheese. Cheddar Cheese. Jalapenos. Yum. Start with some fresh jalapenos. If you want to cut down the spice, I hear the big...

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    Aug. 20, 2008 -- New discoveries surrounding a type of "good" fat that promotes the burning of calories could one day lead to better treatments for obesity ...

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