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Definition of «Femoral artery»

Femoral arteryFemoral arteryFemoral arteryFemoral artery

Femoral artery: A large artery that starts in the lower abdomen and goes down into the thigh The femoral artery starts as a continuation of the external iliac artery which comes from the abdominal aorta.

The femoral artery is first known as the common femoral artery, because it has not yet given off branches. It gives off a branch known as the deep artery of the thigh (profunda femoris) while continuing down the thigh medial to the femur. After giving off other branches, the femoral artery goes behind the knee and becomes the popliteal artery.

The venous counterpart of the femoral artery is the femoral vein. It takes essentially the same course as the femoral artery but transports blood in the opposite direction: toward the heart. See also: Femoral vein.

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