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Definition of «Flood warning»

Flood warning: A flood watch or warning.

The steps to take in case a flood watch or warning has been issued include the following:

  • Gather Supplies -- Gather the emergency supplies you previously stocked in your home. See: Flood supplies kit.
  • Stay Tuned -- Stay tuned to local radio or television station for updates. Also check the latest from the national weather service.
  • Turn Off Utilities -- Turn off all utilities at the main power switch and close the main gas valve if evacuation appears necessary.
  • Immunization Records -- Have your immunization records handy or be aware of your last tetanus shot, in case you should receive a puncture wound or a wound becomes contaminated during or after the flood.
  • Fresh Water -- Fill bathtubs, sinks and plastic soda bottles with clean water. Sanitize the sinks and tubs first by using bleach. Rinse and fill with clean water.
  • Outside Items -- Bring outdoor possessions, such as lawn furniture, grills and trash cans inside or tie them down securely.
Expect the need to evacuate and prepare for it. When a flood watch is issued, you should:
  • Tank Up -- Fill your vehicle's gas tank and make sure the emergency kit for your car is ready.
  • Wheels -- If no vehicle is available, make arrangements with friends or family for transportation.
  • Clean Water -- Fill your clean water containers. Review your emergency plans and supplies, checking to see if any items are missing.
  • Keep Informed -- Tune in the radio or television for weather updates. Listen for disaster sirens and warning signals.
  • Animals -- Put livestock and family pets in a safe area. Due to food and sanitation requirements, emergency shelters cannot accept animals.
  • Thermostats -- Adjust the thermostat on refrigerators and freezers to the coolest possible temperature.
These recommendations are based on those of the CDC (the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

See also: Flood readiness; Flood supplies kit.

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