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Definition of «Fovea»

Fovea: In the eye, a tiny pit located in the macula of the retina that provides the clearest vision of all. Only in the fovea are the layers of the retina spread aside to let light fall directly on the cones, the cells that give the sharpest image. Also called the central fovea or fovea centralis.

The word "fovea" is the Latin word for "small pit." The fovea is literally a small depression (in the retina).

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    Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary ( fō ' vē-ə ) n. , pl. , -ve·ae ( -vē-ē ' ). A small cuplike depression or pit in a bone or organ. The fovea ...

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    fovea /fo·vea/ (fo´ve-ah) pl. fo´veae [L.] a small pit or depression. Often used alone to indicate the central fovea of the retina. central fovea of retina a small ...

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