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Definition of «GCRC»

GCRC: General Clinical Research Center. See: Clinical Research Center.

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  • Genesee County Road Commission

    Provides and maintains a safe, cost efficient and quality county road system for the motorists in Genesee County.

  • General Clinical Research Center

    Stony Brook University Hospital is an academic and regional Medical Center with a mission to provide excellence in Patient Care, Education, Research ...

  • Government College Relations Council

    The Government Relations Council also provides information to the Canisius community about governmental actions and proposals which may have a direct impact on college ...

  • UCLA General Clinical Research Center

    Our Goal. The primary objective of the University of California, Los Angeles General Clinical Research Center (UCLA-GCRC) is to ...

  • ICTR Clinical Research Units

    The ICTR Clinical Research Units (CRUs) and associated services are designed to support a wide range of clinical research at Johns Hopkins. From pilot studies to multi ...

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