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Definition of «Hematoma»

Hematoma: An abnormal localized collection of blood in which the blood is usually clotted or partially clotted and is usually situated within an organ or a soft tissue space, such as within a muscle.

A hematoma is caused by a break in the wall of a blood vessel. The break may be spontaneous, as in the case of an aneurysm, or caused by trauma.

The treatment of a hematoma depends on its location and size. Treatment can involve draining the accumulated blood. A hematoma in or near the brain is particularly dangerous.

The word "hematoma" came into usage around 1850. It was devised from Greek roots -- hemat-, referring to the blood + -oma, from soma meaning body = a bloody body, or a collection of blood.

The many different kinds of hematomas are defined by location and include:

  • epidural hematoma,
  • extradural hematoma,
  • intracerebral hematoma,
  • intracranial hematoma,
  • nasal septum hematoma,
  • subcutaneous hematoma,
  • subdural hematoma.

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