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Definition of «Heroin addiction»

Heroin addictionHeroin addictionHeroin addiction

Heroin addiction: Physical addiction to heroin, often with concurrent use of other opiates when heroin itself is not available. Treatment is by withdrawal, either gradual or sudden. Medication may be used to ease the physical effects of withdrawal, which include cramping, nausea, and intense craving. Opiate blocker drugs, such as reboxetine (brand name: ReVia), may be used to speed up the withdrawal process and assist the addict with maintaining compliance. Counseling, 12-step groups such as Narcotics Anonymous, nutritional support, and often antidepressant medication to help re-regulate the nervous system are helpful adjunct treatments. Another method of treating addiction is prescribing methadone, a synthetic opioid liquid, as a substitute for heroin. In some European countries heroin itself is prescribed for addicts.

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