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Definition of «Human kinome»

Human kinomeHuman kinomeHuman kinomeHuman kinome

Human kinome: See Kinome.

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  • Human Kinome - Kinase.com

    These pages support the publication of our report of the full complement of human protein kinases (the human kinome) in Science, on Dec 6, 2002:

  • Protein Kinases: Interactive Human Kinome

    Searchable Human Kinome showing the AGC, Tyrosine Kinases, TKL, CAMK, STE, CMGC and CK1 kinase groups.

  • Human Kinome Map

    Invitrogen has created a new visual display of the human kinome map containing all 517 distinct kinase proteins. Add some color to your lab wall with our free Kinome Map ...

  • Human Kinome Paper Reprint - Kinase.com

    Free Reprints of Human Kinome paper. Science has provided us with the following links for free download of the abstract and full-text reprint of the human kionme paper:

  • Human Kinome Map FAQ

    How was this kinome map developed? This circular diagram represents an artistic interpretation of the phylogenetic relationships between all members of the human kinase ...

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