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Definition of «Hypercalciuria»


Hypercalciuria: Excess calcium in the urine.

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    Hypercalciuria, or excessive urinary calcium excretion, occurs in about 5-10% of the populationand is the most common identifiable cause of calcium kidney ...

  • Pediatric Hypercalciuria

    Hypercalciuria is defined by a 24-hour urinary calcium excretion more than 150 mg in an adult female, more than 200 mg in an adult male, or more than 4 mg/kg/d ...

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    hypercalciuria /hy·per·cal·ci·uria/ (-kal″se-u´re-ah) excess of calcium in the urine. hy·per·cal·ci·u·ri·a (h p r-k l s-y r-) n. The excretion of ...

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    The symptoms match the symptoms of the disease causing the calcium loss into the urine, for example:

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    Hypercalciuria symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment information for Hypercalciuria (Meier-Blumberg-Imahorn syndrome) with alternative diagnoses, full ...

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