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Definition of «JCV»

JCV: JC virus.

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    Manufacturer of home, mobile, and automotive electronics equipment and accessories.

  • Welcome to JCV Productions

    JCV PRODUCTIONS offers services covering all phases of video and television production in addition to Spanish-language marketing and public relations targeted to diverse ...

  • JCV Direct Home Page

    Before you continue shopping, view this online presentation of the JCV MiniMe, a new Mini PC that allows 2 users to work on one system by using two monitors, keyboards ...

  • jCV

    jCV is a powerful multilingual J2EE web application designed for creating, searching and printing resumes.

  • JCV: An Oncogenic Virus in Animals and Humans?

    JCV is a human polyomavirus of the Polyomaviridae family, which also includes BK virus and simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40). JC virus (JCV) was first isolated in 1971 ...

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