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Definition of «Nocturnal enuresis»

Nocturnal enuresis: Bedwetting at night. From the Greek "enourin" meaning "to urinate in."

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    Nocturnal enuresis is a common problem that can be troubling for children and their families. Recent studies indicate that nocturnal enuresis is best regarded as a ...

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    What Is Enuresis? Alex falls into an extremely deep sleep almost every night. He sleeps so soundly that you could set off a fire alarm next to his bed and he probably ...

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    Please enter your position here Darcie Kiddoo, Please enter your honorific or qualification details of medical background here, Assistant Professor

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    Primary nocturnal enuresis sometimes presents significant psychosocial problems for children and their parents. Causative factors may include maturational delay ...

  • Enuresis

    Nocturnal Enuresis. 1992;2:4-6. Robson WL, Leung AK, Van Howe R. Primary and secondary nocturnal enuresis: similarities in presentation. Pediatrics.

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