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Definition of «Nuclei»


Nuclei: The plural of nucleus.

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  • Nuclei | Define Nuclei at Dictionary.com

    noun plural of nucleus. Origin: < Latin nucleī, nominative plural of nucleus; see nucleus :10 :09 :08 :07 :06 :05 :04 :03 :02 :01 Nuclei is always a great word to ...

  • Nuclei - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

    Definition of NUCLEUS. 1. a: the small bright body in the head of a comet b: the small brighter and denser portion of a galaxy . 2: a central point, group, or mass ...

  • nucleus: Definition, Synonyms from Answers.com

    Pl. nuclei [L.] 1. cell nucleus; a spheroid body within a cell, contained in a double membrane, the nuclear envelope, and containing the chromosomes and one or more nucleoli.

  • nuclei: Definition from Answers.com

    Library > Science > Geographical Dictionary nucleus ( sing. ) Minuscule solid particles suspended in the atmosphere . Three types of atmospheric nuclei are ...

  • Nuclei

    This webpage provides information about the nuclear structure, the application of nuclear energy for peaceful purpose, and as instrument of war.

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