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Definition of «Nucleus»


Nucleus: 1) In cell biology, the structure that houses the chromosomes. 2) In neuroanatomy, a group of nerve cells.

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    Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary ( nū ' klē-əs, nyū ' - ) n. , pl. , -cle·i ( -klē-ī ' ), or -cle·us·es . A central or essential part around ...

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    noun, plural -cle·i , -cle·us·es. 1. a central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered; core: A few faithful friends formed the nucleus of the club. 2 ...

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    nucleus /nu·cle·us/ (noo´kle-us) pl. nu´clei [L.] 1. the central core of a body or object. 2. cell nucleus; a spheroid body within a cell, consisting of a thin ...

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