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Definition of «Obesity, gynecoid»

Obesity, gynecoidObesity, gynecoidObesity, gynecoid

Obesity, gynecoid: A fat distribution generally characteristic of that of a woman, around the hips, etc.

Gynecoid means like a woman, womanly, female. The word gynecoid comes from the Greek gyno, gynaikos meaning woman. Gyneco-, gyno-, gyn-, and gyne- are combining forms meaning woman. For examples:

  • Gynecoid pelvis: A pelvis that is shaped like a woman's.
  • Gynecology: The study of the diseases of the female reproductive organs and the breasts.
  • Gynecomastia: Excessive development of the male breast (so that it is female-like).

Male obesity is a fat distribution characteristic of a man, with a paunch, etc.

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