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Definition of «Ulcer, Buruli»

Ulcer, BuruliUlcer, BuruliUlcer, BuruliUlcer, Buruli

Ulcer, Buruli: See: Buruli ulcer.

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  • WHO | Buruli Ulcer

    Buruli ulcer is caused by a germ that mainly affects the skin but which can also affect the bone. The causative organism is called Mycobacterium ulcerans, which although ...

  • WHO | Buruli ulcer disease

    Buruli ulcer, a disease caused by infection with Mycobacterium ulcerans, is one of the most neglected but treatable tropical diseases. The causative organism is from the ...

  • Buruli Ulcer - Diseases & Conditions - Medscape Reference

    Buruli ulcer, also known as Bairnsdale ulcer, Daintree ulcer, Mossman ulcer, and Searl ulcer, is a chronic, indolent, necrotizing disease of the skin and soft ...

  • Buruli ulcer. DermNet NZ

    Buruli ulcer. Authoritative facts about the skin from the New Zealand Dermatological Society.

  • Disease Listing, Buruli Ulcer, Technical Information | CDC ...

    Clinical Features: World Health Organization (WHO) clinical case definition for Buruli ulcer divides the disease into two stages: active and inactive.

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