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Definition of «Vasculitis, allergic»

Vasculitis, allergicVasculitis, allergicVasculitis, allergicVasculitis, allergic

Vasculitis, allergic: A disease (also more commonly called the Churg-Straus syndrome) characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels in persons with a history of asthma or allergy.

The symptoms of the Churg-Strauss syndrome include fatigue, weight loss, inflammation of the nasal passages, numbness, and weakness.

The ultimate test for the diagnosis of Churg-Straus syndrome is a biopsy of involved tissue.

Treatment of Churg-Strauss syndrome involves stopping inflammation and suppressing the immune system.

The Churg-Straus syndrome is named for the American pathologists Jacob Churg and Lotte Straus. Vasculitis means inflammation of vessels.

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